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What are some struggles spinal cord injury victims face?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2024 | Personal Injury |

A spinal cord injury can happen in the blink of an eye. This injury radically changes a person’s life, making things tough physically, emotionally and financially.

Knowing the specific struggles individuals face can make this time easier.

Physical problems

Spinal cord injuries often lead to different levels of paralysis, making it hard to move around and do tasks independently. Simple tasks like walking, dressing or eating become difficult.

People with spinal cord injuries need a lot of rehabilitation and often rely on tools like wheelchairs or other aids. While these tools are important, they can take some time to adjust to, both physically and emotionally.

Pain and health issues

Chronic pain is common for those with spinal cord injuries, caused by nerve damage and problems with muscles and bones. Managing this pain is an ongoing struggle and can affect physical comfort.

On top of that, spinal cord injuries raise the chances of other health issues like sores, infections and breathing problems. Treating these problems requires a lot of medical care and specialized treatments, adding even more stress.

Money troubles and lost jobs

The cost of medical treatments, therapy and ongoing care can pile up fast, putting a lot of strain on finances. Additionally, many people with these injuries may only work limited hours or cannot work at all, leading to lost income and fewer job opportunities. This financial stress can make recovery even harder.

Emotional complications

Adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury is not just about physical challenges. It is also about dealing with lingering issues like depression or anxiety, which can make people feel uncertain about the future. Getting help for mental health is just as important as physical care.

Seeking fair compensation through a personal injury claim can make a big difference. It can help cover medical costs, provide money for rehabilitation and ease the financial strain from lost income. It is not an easy road to recovery, but with support and resources, people with spinal cord injuries can find their way back to a fulfilling life.