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Standing Up For You After A Truck Accident

The Baltimore area has found itself as one with a high density of commercial vehicle traffic. This high volume of these vehicles means an increase in the number of truck accidents in our area. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, which makes injury claims involving these accidents considerably complicated. Instead of trying to navigate the resolution process of these claims on your own, let a skilled attorney guide you.

At the Law Offices of Eugene I. Glazer, our lawyers have been serving clients throughout Maryland since 1960. We know what it takes to maximize the compensation we earn for our clients, and we are prepared to fight through whatever challenges that lie ahead in your claim.

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Holding The Liable Party Accountable

In truck accidents, you may be surprised to learn that someone other than the truck driver could be liable for your injuries. In these crashes, the liable party is often one of these three groups:

  • The driver – A truck driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, ignoring driving laws, or was distracted by their phone or something else could be responsible for your injuries.
  • The trucking company – If a company did not run a proper background check on an employee to verify their driving history, did not train their employees well enough or failed to verify their training, or forced a driver to work beyond legal regulations, they may be responsible in your claim.
  • The parts manufacturer – If a defective part in a truck was the cause of your accident, the company that made that part should be the one who pays for your recovery.

We take the time to review all the details of your case to ensure we seek the money you need from the party who is most responsible for your injuries. As we fight for you, we will manage all of the details of your claims while you focus on your health. If your loved one has passed on in these accidents, we can also pursue damages for wrongful death and survival actions in order to collect preimpact fright, pain & suffering, burial and funeral expenses, and other damages that account for missed financial contributions to your family.

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