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Baltimore Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights And Freedom

A criminal conviction can result in incarceration, fines, damaged relationships, job difficulties, trouble finding a place to live or even access to a college education. When a conviction can cost you more than you are prepared to lose, make sure you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side.

At the Law Offices of Eugene I. Glazer, we have been defending the people of Baltimore and the surrounding areas against misdemeanor and felony charges since 1960. We know what is at stake in these cases, and we are prepared to explore all available options for getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

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How We Defend Our Clients

The actions you take after your arrest are very important. From the moment you have been arrested, do not say a word to police officers without a criminal defense lawyer present. Exercise your right to remain silent. Whatever your situation may be, our attorneys can help minimize the negative consequences of an arrest. We develop effective defense strategies for a wide variety of criminal charges, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Drug charges
  • Robbery

When we defend our clients, we take the time to review all the details to develop an effective defense strategy. Our work may involve getting charges reduced or dismissed, negotiating to minimize sentencing or negotiating to maximize a plea deal in our client’s favor. We scrutinize the actions of police and prosecutors to find flaws in their case against you. When you come to us for help, you can be assured that we are doing everything we can to optimize the outcome of your case.

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If you are facing criminal charges or even think you may be soon, now is the best possible time to reach out to us for help. The sooner we can get involved in your case, the sooner we can start fighting for you. Call the Law Offices of Eugene I. Glazer at 410-415-9401 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation today.