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Seeking justice after a public transportation injury

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Accidents involving buses and other transit vehicles can lead to serious injuries. USA Today reports that approximately 200 fatal bus crashes happen annually. In addition, a crash involving an MTA bus injured dozens here in Baltimore earlier this year.

When such injuries occur, the local government may be liable. Understanding your rights if you experience an injury due to a public transportation crash is important.

Expenses associated with public transit injuries

When you suffer an injury due to a crash involving public transportation, the financial burden can be overwhelming. You might face substantial medical expenses, including hospital stays, surgeries and medications. In some cases, long-term therapy and rehabilitation are necessary, adding to your bills.

If the injury affects your ability to work, you may lose income and face challenges maintaining your standard of living. Severe injuries might require home renovations to accommodate new disabilities, further straining your finances.

Liability and the rights of injured people

You have the right to seek compensation for your injuries after a public transportation accident. This includes expenses for medical treatment and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. The government is responsible for ensuring passenger safety.

Liability can arise from various factors, including poor maintenance, inadequate staff training and failure to adhere to safety regulations. Other forms of negligence that can cause public transportation vehicle accidents include driver errors and faulty equipment. Demonstrating negligence is important for establishing liability.

Unique challenges in public transportation claims

Claims against public transportation entities differ from other personal injury claims. There are specific rules and a limited timeline for filing claims. Understanding these nuances and acting promptly is important for a successful outcome. In Maryland, you must file your claim within a year of the incident. Missing the deadline or failing to comply with the procedural requirements can jeopardize your ability to receive compensation.

Accidents involving public transportation in Baltimore present distinct hurdles for those pursuing justice. Staying well-informed is crucial as you navigate the process of seeking compensation for your injuries.