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What should I do if my employer is denying my workers’ comp benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Encountering a denial of a workers’ compensation claim can be a challenging situation for an injured employee. A denial could come from the insurer, or it can happen if the employer fails to secure workers’ compensation insurance.

When faced with a denial, injured workers must take proactive steps to address the situation and seek a fair resolution.

Get documentation in place

After receiving a denial, workers need to ensure they have meticulous documentation. They should keep all communications between them and their employer. They must record every interaction and conversation related to the workplace incident and claim denial.

Workers need to create a document outlining the accident and their injuries. This document should comprehensively detail the incident, the injuries and the impact on the ability to work. They should present this document to their employer and ensure that the employer signs and dates it. Having this written record establishes the facts of the case.

Report the employer

If the reason for the denial is the employer does not have coverage, then injured workers should contact the Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Commission. State law mandates most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If they fail to do so when it is a requirement, the commission may impose penalties.

In Maryland, the law protects workers and ensures they receive the compensation they deserve in the event of a workplace injury. Injured employees have to be proactive to protect themselves when an employer is not cooperating in the process. This can allow them to uphold their rights and seek a just resolution.