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Fighting Against Traffic Violation Charges

After a traffic stop where an officer presents you with a ticket for a traffic violation, too many people make the mistake of just accepting the ticket and paying the fine. Instead of paying your traffic ticket, you have the right to defend against the traffic charge, and you can increase your odds of beating your charges with the representation of a skilled Maryland attorney.

At the Law Offices of Eugene I. Glazer, our lawyers have been defending clients against traffic violation charges since 1960. We know how to minimize the negative consequences of a traffic citation and keep our clients’ records as clean as possible.

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Exploring The Options In Your Case

We run our law firm with the belief that every case we take is unique and deserves personalized attention in order to achieve the optimal outcome. When you come to us for help, we will take the time to explore all the options for protecting your driving record and getting the traffic charge reduced or dismissed. We handle all types of traffic cases, including:

While these charges may not seem like something you need an attorney’s help with, they can be extremely costly and have a way of adding up. Maryland uses a traffic law point system that applies points to a driver’s license based on the severity of the charges. With enough points on your record, you may face license suspension or revocation.

Losing your license can put your job at risk and be a major disruption to other areas of your life. Our goal is to minimize the negative consequences of your ticket to keep your record as clear as possible.

Defend Your License With Our Help

If you received a ticket for a traffic violation in Baltimore or the surrounding areas, do not make the mistake of paying the ticket without consulting with us first. Call our office at 410-415-9401 or send us an email to schedule your free initial consultation today to confirm what options you have to defend against your traffic violation charges.