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What are some signs of aggressive driving?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Sharing the road with a variety of drivers can feel stressful at times, especially if you notice vehicles around you stopping short or drifting out of their lanes.

Aggressive driving can lead to serious crashes, and understanding how to spot angry and reckless drivers can help you even after an accident.

Keeping an inappropriate following distance

According to the United States Department of Transportation, a car or truck that follows you too closely could have a driver inside who is not giving you enough space on the road out of frustration. If someone behind you is speeding up and not allowing you to switch lanes or turn off a road, it could lead to a wreck.

Not only can this put you at risk on roads where both of you are unfamiliar with the turns or stops, but it can also lead to danger if a road is under repair.

Making noises and honking suddenly

An angry driver may lean out the window and yell at you as they get closer. This person could also honk loudly in order to startle you or distract you from oncoming traffic. Any kind of distraction that leads to you taking your attention off other people on the road is a serious problem.

Ignoring road laws

When drivers near you do not obey a stop sign or red light, they put you in danger of a crash. People with road rage often expect others to stop for them instead of following the rules of the road.

Noticing these problems and realizing the seriousness of aggressive driving is important for anyone worried about collisions.