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What should I do immediately after a slip-and-fall injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A slip-and-fall accident can occur in any environment, from a store parking lot to a snow-and-ice-covered Baltimore neighborhood sidewalk. 20% of all falls lead to a serious injury, and approximately 800,000 people per year go to the hospital due to injuries from a slip-and-fall accident.

If you sustain injuries after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, take appropriate measures to protect your rights. These five steps are critical immediately after the accident.

1. Report the injury

You need to report the injury as soon as possible. If your injury occurs on residential property, alert the property owner. When an accident occurs on a commercial property, you can report it to someone in charge or the owner, whichever is easier to reach. If you fall on public property, report the accident and injury to the proper public administration office.

2. Document the scene

Take note of your surroundings. Document the circumstances that led to the accident and any hazards that may have caused you to slip or fall.

3. Preserve the evidence

Make sure you have a copy of any report you file. Take photos or videos of the scene, including the existing hazards. You may also want to take photographs of your injuries.

4. Seek medical attention

It’s essential to seek medical attention, even if you think your injuries are not serious. A doctor can diagnose and document hidden injuries that might not display symptoms until days after the accident. Make sure you tell the physician about the circumstances that led to your injuries.

5. Contact a personal injury attorney ASAP

Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your accident. An experienced attorney can help you protect your rights and determine your options for obtaining a fair settlement.