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What workers’ comp benefits can Maryland workers receive?

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

When you go to work, you expect to perform your job-related duties for the day and then come home without an issue. But workplace accidents are common, and you may sustain an injury at work that makes it hard to live a normal daily life.

According to the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, injured workers can claim workers’ compensation benefits if the accident occurred while performing their job-related duties.  The purpose of these benefits is to help you recover and ease some of the financial burdens of your injury.

Available benefits

There are several different types of workers’ compensation benefits available to injured workers in Maryland. These include:

  • Temporary total disability benefits
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Permanent total disability benefits
  • Permanent partial disability benefits
  • Medical/hospitalization benefits
  • Wage reimbursement benefits

You can also receive vocational rehabilitation benefits. If you die because of injuries sustained at work, your family may become eligible to receive death benefits on your behalf.

What to do after an accident

After an accident, you should notify your employer as soon as possible to officially report the situation. You should also see a doctor to document your injury and learn more about treatment. Document any communications you have with professionals involved with your case, as well as any receipts for the medical care you receive.

There are certain time limits that apply to filing a workers’ compensation claim and receiving benefits. Act quickly following your accident to file your claim and prevent potential denial of your workers’ compensation benefits.